Brazilian Market and Opportunities

Brazilian Market and Opportunities

Brazilian Market and Opportunities



Country Note: B

Business Environment Note: A4

Population: 207 Million

Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)
GDP: $ 1,796 trillion

Per Capita GDP: $ 15,153

Real Growth Rate: -3.6%

Inflation (TUFE): 8.7%



Brazil tested the lowest GDP ratios on record for economic recessions in 2015 and 2016, but is still the world's 8th largest economy, at US $ 1,796 trillion. Falling commodity prices led to a decline in export revenues and investments, and thus a fall in tax revenues. Real weakening against foreign currencies has already made the public debts felt by the exchange rate more expensive.

The economic reforms, which took effect in 2016, aimed at reducing government spending and removing obstacles in front of the entry of foreign direct investments into the country.

Beginning in the 1980s, arms production has become a locomotive in the Brazilian economy, has made the world one of the major weapons producers, and has evolved considerably in the field of aviation, especially with the orientation of this technology to civil engineering. Embraer passenger aircraft, combat aircraft and military transport aircraft can still be produced by Brazil.


Brazil, rich in energy resources, is the fifteenth largest oil producer in the world and the second largest oil producer in South America. He also owns nuclear technology.

He is a founding member of the United States, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund and many other international organizations such as the World Bank and a member of the G20, as well as the South American Common Market, where Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela are located, and conducts STA negotiations through MERCOSUR.

Exports to Brazil are mainly in most of the countries where the situation is most important, such as face-to-face negotiations on the Internet, especially in terms of payment is to be stable. Because Brazilian buyers are well aware of the global supply situation and sales conditions on the world market.

When we look at the institutional structure related to foreign trade; The control of imports seems to have been done by SECEX-Foreign Trade Agency which is affiliated to Ministry of Industry, Industry and Foreign Trade. The Foreign Relations Ministry appears to play a key role in Brazil's foreign trade. The Ministry, which is the decision maker for the promotion of Brazilian export goods and the determination of the priority countries to import, is implementing the strategic and geo-economically important countries through the Trade Development Department of "PSCI-Rekabete Based Import Substitution Program" especially for the South American countries.

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