E-Logistics and Applications in Turkey

E-Logistics and Applications in Turkey

E-Logistics and Applications in Turkey


Changes in competition conditions, market conditions, the proliferation of web applications and the increase in the use of mobile devices have led to a rapid change in consumer habits, needs and work patterns; we are passing through a fairly rapid process in which the rest of it is dragged out of the lane. Of course, logistics, which is the third sector in the 21st century, where information technology and genetic technologies are expected to grow at the highest rate, is, of course, a necessity to adapt, evolve and develop new technologies.


As a result, e-logistics applications of advanced logistics have begun to be utilized. E-logistics is also known as electronic-based logistics. That is, the use of the systems on which the internet technologies are based in the realization of the logistics processes. E-logistics activities are supported by information technology. For this reason, e-logistics has more information and services than traditional logistics in its own right.


E-logistics, which is one of the legend of e-commerce that has been growing in potential in recent years, has contributed a lot to the development of the industry. First of all, it is the duty of the logistics companies that the customer who receives the product from an e-commerce site has the product at the time and in a reliable manner. It is important that the goods or goods purchased are delivered in the correct and correct manner within the time declared by the e-commerce company. One of the most important elements for customer satisfaction is the making of sending and delivery procedures as e-logistics.


E-logistics versus traditional logistics



          BULK CARGO
             PARTS LOAD

          $ 1000 to $ 1000 less
In order to be able to manage e-logistics without disruption and flawlessness, it must always be attached to standards such as adherence to standards, competence, adaptation of change, traceability, reliability, economicity.

• The structure of the necessary products,

• Positioning of products in accordance with the conditions,

• Submission of products at competitive prices,

• Keep the products in use when needed,

• Delivery of products to customers at the right time

, these benefits will open up to unconditional customer satisfaction.


In order to apply these five substances which can be defined as the essence of the e-logist we have listed above; to create e-logistics strategies, to make plans, to establish partnerships and to use technology. Speed-oriented and customer-specific services are the first features of e-logistics.


e-logistics applications in Turkey

E-logistics is a very new type of service for Turkey. Despite the fact that there are more than 1,500 logistics operators registered in logistics and transport sector associations such as UND, UTİKAD, RODER, KARID, the low number of e-logistics practitioners is a sad reality. As many operators consider technological investments as a huge cost penalty, the development in this area is achieved in very small steps. However, in the long run, it provides significant gains in the use of advanced technologies that are appropriate to the times and conditions of logistics activities, or in the case of leaving logistics processes to the safe hands of expert firms that have invested in technology.

Many transport operators in our country claim to be logistics. However, the activities they are pursuing remain very amateur, in addition to the principled e-logistics activities we have described in detail above. It should be known that "transportation" is only one of logistics activities. The transition of businesses to e-logistics practices in real sense will only be possible if they can establish a service network that is questioned by customers. For this, it is necessary to eliminate the necessary infrastructure deficiencies and to make the transactions made on the internet more reliable. More attention should be given to information technologies and investment should be made. In addition, the importance of professional human resource management, which has vocational training, should be emphasized and very serious investments should be made in this field.


Benefits of e-logistics applications to businesses and customers

• Allows business operations to be performed more quickly and efficiently with lower cost and fewer mistakes.

• In the case of a wide range of customers,

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