Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our quality policy

  •     Integration: to provide logistical integration across the European Union, Russia and the country, to participate in global logistics networks.
  •    Planning: Providing hits in customer selection and their needs determination, creating and implementing a planned working plan in the local environment.
  •    Standardization: to develop Strategic Controls, to create modern standardization and certifications in the field of transportation and to provide customer satisfaction.
  •    Efficiency and Efficiency: To upgrade the level of customer service, to improve existing service options, to build sectoral efficiency and efficiency, and to make appropriate investments on time
  •     Training: To support the development of human resources in the sector.
  •    Technology: To benefit from modern and economical hardware, communication and information technologies.
  •    Flexibility: Customized transportation for customer's product, creating different transportation options.

Ak Uçar Nakliyat Ltd. Sti. It has been established in 2004 in Hatay by İbrahim Uçar, who is in the transportation sector since 1985. Ak Uçar is one of the leading companies in the sector that transports to the Middle East today. ..

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